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Lots of practical suggestions for places to look for work – if you’re in the Central Ohio area, FedEx and UPS are always hiring this time of year. It won’t be lucrative, but you could get a night shift position while they need them for the holidays, and it would keep you from being homeless while freeing up your days for more interviews.

My suggestions below are more general things you can do to help yourself, vs. places to look for jobs:

In general, I think you need to look into public and nonprofit assistance in your area. You probably qualify for foodstamps or another assistance than can help make ends meet. Housing often has a waiting list, but you some places offer rent assistance. You need to get down to Job and Family Services and ask about any benefits they may have.

Also look into nonprofits and public services that may provide job-hunting help. My local library system (central Ohio) offers resume help, job hunting seminars, job fairs, etc. Job and family services often offers job assistance. Some organizations will even help you practice your job interview skills. From what you’ve written, it sounds like you may be sending red flags in interviews without realizing it. I think you need someone impartial who can help you work through that.

I would also see if there’s a printer in belfast or low-cost clinic that treats depression near you. They’re in almost every city I’ve been to, you just have to ask around for a bit to find them. While your situation is difficult, it isn’t hopeless. But you sound like you think it’s hopeless. That’s red flag for depression and depression can make it a LOT harder to find a job or ace an interview. A clinic might be able to treat you for that and help you work through your job-searching issues at the same time.

I would not lay down more money on job training right now unless you’re sure it’s a good match for your skills/interests AND you know there’s a need for it in the market. Right now, trucking in the Midwest is not a hugely booming industry, so I personally wouldn’t spend a lot of money on training to become a trucker. There are manual trades (plumbing, welding, etc.) that could be lucrative if you get skilled enough. They would also likely let you use your business degree to climb up the ladder- my impression is that people who can match trade skills with business knowledge tend to be very successful in those fields. Read more ›

Carry on regardless – printer belfast

You enter the house, smell gas, what do you do? Turn on a light? Locate where the gas is coming from with a match? Either of those would/could turn into kaboom, gas leak located, you relocated elsewhere maybe never to return. If you did either of those things then you would be ignoring all the advice you have ever seen or heard about finding a gas leak.

Ignoring advice is something we do all of the time and normally when we do it there is a price to pay. Mum – “you can’t go out like that you will freeze, its -2 out there” You “ I will be fine I’m getting straight into a taxi and getting a taxi home” end result is you get home in the early hours blue from walking from pub to pub to club, in the cold, result is you can’t get warm no matter what. See, mum was right, ok you didn’t literally freeze but it feels like you have because you can’t feel your nether regions and you think you left your nose in the Dog & Parrot!

Seeking advice is good, ignoring advice is not good. If you are paying a professional for advice, let’s say a printer or a website designer you would listen wouldn’t you because first of all this advice is costing you money and secondly you chose that person or company based on their skills and expertise. Funny enough people do ignore professional advice and it’s usually ends up in great regret. A professional printer in belfast wants you to come back to them and tell the world about them so they will not give you advice that is misleading, poor or simply wrong.

If you have your own business then you know it inside out and backside forward, therefore you know what’s best for your business right? Not necessarily, especially if you’re talking about marketing your business or doing any advertising. You might have a fantastic idea about an ad campaign and want to push it to your chosen marketing company and you should. If that company then turns around and tells you it won’t work you need to listen to the reasons why. You can of course say you want to run with the idea you have regardless of what they say, it is your business and your prerogative. Would you really want to ignore sound advice though and literally carry on regardless?

Use the expertise and knowledge you are paying for, work with your chosen people and let them be your guide in areas where you really don’t know enough or have zero expertise.



Confucius says… .

Confucius is often quoted today because what he had to say is still relevant today. That is immortality of a kind considering he was born in 551 BC which let’s face it is one heck of a long time ago! He had many many words of wisdom and they still inspire. Take these few quotes as a for instance:-


Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it.


He who will not economise will have to agonise. Read more ›

Better Business Cards Belfast


Informative, portable, memory joggers, advertising and sometimes even collectable, business cards are one of the best business marketing tools you have at your disposal. These tiny pieces of card can make a world of difference to your business. Small but packing a punch a business card is something you need even in the digital driven age we live in. Digital this and digital that are all well and good but that card can slip into a pocket, a wallet or a purse and it’s there for future reference.


A bad business card will end up in the bin but a good business card will stay in a wallet or purse as people want to keep your contact details. A good business card will stand out and dare to be different from the rest so you need to be creative and brave with your design. There are a lot of online printers that will give you templates and ideas for cards but do you want to follow the crowd and risk looking like thousands of other business cards? Probably not so what you need is more unique designs for a more memorable end product.


The quality of the card might not seem as important as the design and layout but it is possibly more important. Cutting costs on the quality of card is not always a good move because as soon as people pick up a card they form an impression. A wafer thin card that will scrunch up when it’s put in a wallet or purse is no use and will be consigned to the bin in record time. A more substantial card will send out a message that you value quality and care what customers think.


The finish on business cards also makes a difference, an uncoated and plain card could have the colours bleeding onto sweaty hands and that’s not the kind of mark you want to make! Coated silk finishes will be colourfast and apart from anything else they feel better to the touch, which might not be your planned outcome but it can make a difference. Double sided business cards give you the opportunity to give the critical information such as company name and contact details along with other important information without the card looking cramped and untidy.


A bad business card gives you zero impact and therefore zero follow up from potential customers. An excellent business card will have people ringing for more information, asking questions and ultimately becoming customers. Think of your business cards as your silent stealthy advertising weapon, licence to make a killing, make it your mission to get some better business cards now.



Business Card Printing Belfast



Roll Up Banners Belfast

The team at Kaizen Print, Belfast have outdone themselves again. Bringing hundreds of extremely well designed and printed Roll Up Banners to life is not an easy task, but for these printers, it seems to be a walk in the park.

This week on their blog they showcase a huge pile of boxes due to be shipped out to businesses across the country for use in a province wide marketing campaign. It truly is a great sight to see such a young and small family owned business doing so well.

Searching online for banner stands brings up a huge variety of stands, different types, sizes and prices. Choosing the right stand for you can be a difficult task. Some people will simply find the cheapest available option, other may spend hours online searching for the right option.

In this post I will try and describe the various options of roller banners in the range we offer.

Economy roller banners

Our economy roller banner is the cheapest stand we offer. Designed for short term use. The panel is printed to the same high quality as the rest of our stands, but is inserted into a light weight roller mechanism. Unfortunately this means that this stand can be susceptible to tilting and it won’t survive frequent long term use.

Choose this stand if you have a one day event when you have a limited budget. You will receive a well printed graphic and this stand is so low cost that it can simply be thrown away when the event is over.

Budget roller banners

This banner stand is a low cost but good quality stand. It is tough enough to be used more than once and is supplied in a padded carry case. Unlike the Economy stand our budget banner has a heavier more stable base which ensures the stand won’t tip or lean forward.

Printed in full colour and supplied with a choice of printed panel – low cost PVC banner or a laminated lightstop panel this stand is a great value good quality option for a range of uses. Ideal for exhibitions, presentations, shop displays or show room displays this stand can be re-used with confidence.

Premium Roller banners

The premium banner is one of our quality stands. Using a one piece heavy weight base without turn out feet, this is a stable attractive stand. Use this stand for press days, photo opportunities, exhibition displays and for any occasion where presentation and quality is important.

Exclusive Roller Banner

Using a similar, but heavier weight stand as our premium stands, the exclusive stand is our highest quality roller banner offering. A really good quality display stand, very similar to the popular barracuda stand. Use our exclusive banner for the most prestigious events and exhibitions, presentation backdrops or TV opportunities.

Explore our full range of banner stands or call us for more help and advise on what is best for you.

Quick Flyer Printing Services


If you want flyers printed but do not need someone else to design them professionally for you, flyer printing in Melbourne is quick and simple. Your in-house creative people come up with the design, logo, pictures, etc. Your team decides what the flyer should say. Once you know what you want to say and how to phrase it, upload the picture and text to a flyer printing company and let them take care of the rest. Read more ›



PANTONE Color of the Year 2014 Radiant Orchid 18-3224 intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination.

It’s that time of year again, you know, the time when Pantone, the authority on all things colour, selects a colour of the year.  This year’s colour is Radiant Orchid! Personally I love it and can see it integrating into many of our customers forthcoming Valentines Day flyers and posters.

Whats you’re thoughts on it?




PANTONE Color of the Year 2014 Radiant Orchid 18-3224 intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination.

It’s that time of year again, you know, the time when Pantone, the authority on all things colour, selects a colour of the year.  This year’s colour is Radiant Orchid! Personally I love it and can see it integrating into many of our customers forthcoming Valentines Day flyers and posters.

Whats you’re thoughts on it?


Flyer Printing Belfast

Your online flyer printing project can bring about challenges in timing and eve exhaustion when being worked on. The challenges are irrespective of the nature of the printing job. However, the printing can be made easier.

The path to a hassle-free printing begins with you even before handing over your task to the printing company of your choice.

Here are the  5 ways to save you the hassle: Read more ›

The year of 3D Printing

Economic predictions are a crap shoot at anytime, but especially during times when central bank intervention is running at all-time highs. The markets are more managed and manipulated now than at any point in history. The Federal Reserve is literally propping up the entire system via nearly $1 Trillion in bond purchases per year, artificially low interest rates, an active plunge-protection team, gold market intervention, economic data manipulation and clandestine operations we have yet to understand. Read more ›